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“Supersharp Vision” –First Exoplanet Discovered by Radio Telescope


 TVLM 513-46546 Exoplanet


“In the deepest sense, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is a search for ourselves,” said Carl Sagan. Although as yet unfulfilled, the quest continues from the Kepler Mission to Tess and now via the ten 25-meter radio antenna dishes of the continent-wide Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). Astronomers have announced the discovery of a Saturn-sized planet closely orbiting a small, cool star 35 light-years from Earth using the VLBA’s supersharp radio “vision”.


“Particle at the End of the Universe” –LHC Unveils Phenomenon of Pivotal Importance for Fundamental Physics

Higgs Boson


The detection of the “Higgs” in 2012  -described by Caltech physicist Sean Carroll as “the particle at the end of the universe” –was the physics equivalent of the discovery of DNA. Higgs bosons have the capacity to share space because they are more like a force than a thing in the way we normally think of “things” or “particles”. It’s a vibration in the Higgs field, just as a photon of light is a vibration in the electromagnetic field. Bosons are entities that have effects; they carry the forces (strong, weak, gravitational or electromagnetic) described by the Standard Model in physics, making them what physicists call force-carrying particles.


“Supermassive Mutant” –Leads to a ‘Cambrian Explosion’ of Star Creation


"Mutant Black Holes" --A 'Cambrian Explosion' of Star Creation


“Black holes are the seductive dragons of the universe,” wrote science-fiction author Robert Coover, “outwardly quiescent yet violent at the heart, uncanny, hostile, primeval, emitting a negative radiance that draws all toward them, gobbling up all who come too close…these strange galactic monsters, for whom creation is destruction, death life, chaos order.”


“Ice Age Mars” –Challenges a Once ‘Warm and Wet’ Red Planet

"Ice Age Mars" --Challenges a Once "Warm and Wet" Red Planet


“Mars once was wet and fertile. It’s now bone dry,” said Cosmos host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, “Something bad happened on Mars. I want to know what happened on Mars so that we may prevent it from happening here on Earth.”


Last Week’s Top 5 Space & Science Headlines –“Cosmic Hall of Mirrors to Mars ‘Science-Fiction’ Moon”


Heard in the Milky Way --"Exotic Objects at Milky Way's Center to China's Warning of Alien Contact"



Planet Earth Report –“NASA Image of Black Cube on the Sun 10-X Size of Earth to the Last Giraffes”


Planet Earth Report --"Herod's Flu to What Life Will Look Like in 2022"


“Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.


“Hall of Mirrors” –Orange Glow Around M87’s Colossal Black Hole Unveils History of Observable Universe

"Hall of Mirrors" --Orange Glow Around M87's Colossal Black Hole Unveils History of the Observable Universe


“We were all getting together and asking: what does this thing mean?” says radio astronomer Michael Johnson at Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative about the glowing bright orange ring around the now iconic black hole the size of our solar system at the center of the monster elliptical galaxy M87 –the largest, most massive galaxy in the nearby universe–described by astronomers on April 10, 2019 as “paradoxical, intriguing, frightening” and “the end of spacetime.”


Mystery Blob Detected Hidden Deep Inside a Supernova –“Not a Pulsar or Black Hole”



In the fall of 1967, Princeton’s great quantum physicist, John Archibald Wheeler was giving a lecture on pulsars at a conference where he was arguing that we should consider the possibility that the center of a pulsar is a gravitationally completely collapsed object. He remarked that one couldn’t keep saying “gravitationally completely collapsed object” over and over. That we needed a shorter descriptive phrase. “How about black hole?” asked someone in the audience, giving birth to the name of one of the most paradoxical objects in the universe.