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“The Massive Elephant in the Room” –New Theory Says ‘No Need’ for Dark Energy

Dark Energy Survey


Dark energy has been described as everything from a fifth force to a new form of matter, but so far, no direct evidence has been found of its existence. Noble Prize winning physicist Adam Riess says: “I have absolutely no clue what dark energy is. Dark energy appears strong enough to push the entire universe – yet its source is unknown, its location is unknown and its physics are highly speculative.”


“Profound Implications” –In an Evolutionary Leap, Wasps Learn to Recognize Faces

Velvet Ant Wasp


“The really surprising conclusion here is that the most intense selection pressures in the recent history of these wasps has not been dealing with climate, catching food or parasites but getting better at dealing with each other,” said Michael Sheehan, professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University about a wasp species that has evolved the unique ability to recognize individual faces among their peers—signaling an evolution in how they have learned to work together. “That’s pretty profound.”


Planet Earth Report –“Graveyard of Giant Spaceships to Fourth Atomic Spy at Los Alamos”


Earth from the ISS



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“Crucial for Life” –Ancient, Hidden Origin of Earth’s Plate Tectonics Unveiled

St Andrews Geology Team


Earth’s tectonic activity of some 15 moving plates may be crucial for life–and rare in our galaxy. The cycle of rigid tectonic plates in constant horizontal motion across the surface of the planet—makes Earth unique within the rocky planets of the solar system. Except, perhaps, for Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, regarded as perhaps one of the solar system’s best bets to host alien life, where massive slabs of ice are sliding over and under each other above a global ocean that reaches down 100 kilometers below the base of the ice –a depth 10 times greater than the Marianas Trench.


Last Week’s Top 5 Space & Science Headlines –“Quantum ‘Gates of Hell’ to Star the Size of Our Solar System”


Observatory at Night



“Satan’s Abode” -Exoplanet So Hot Molecules in Its Atmosphere are Torn to Shreds

Exoplanet KELT-9b


And we thought Venus was hot, with a surface temperature that melts lead. New observations of a bizarre world beyond our solar system, a massive gas giant –KELT-9b, an ultra-hot Jupiter three times the mass of our own Jupiter– is hotter than a star –a habitat so strange, that planetwide meltdowns tear apart the molecules that make up its atmosphere. A team of astronomers using NASA’s Spitzer space telescope has found evidence that the heat is so intense that molecules of hydrogen gas are likely ripped apart on the dayside of KELT-9b, unable to re-form until their disjointed atoms flow around to the planet’s nightside.


“Star as Big as Our Solar System” –Triggered the Brightest Explosion in the Observable Universe

Hypernova SN 2006gy


An enigma within a mystery revealed an explanation to the peculiar emission lines seen in a supernovae as bright as an entire galaxy – SN 2006gy, a hypernova or quark-nova inside galaxy NGC 1260, some 250 million light-years away, first discovered on September 18, 2006- as well as an explanation for its previously unknown origin.


The Galaxy Report –“Deadly Deep-Earth Blobs 100 Times Height of Everest to Death on Mars”


LaSilla Observatory Chile


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